We may all look like contemporary Queens in this lifetime, but we are ancient Souls who have been preparing for this era of the co-creation of the New Earth for lifetimes.

All those challenges we’ve survived, those fires we’ve died and been transformed through, those ropes around our necks that tried to strangle our voices.

Can you hear the roar from deep within your womb that can no longer be contained, as it rises, lighting the fire of your Seat of Power in your Solar Plexus, dissolving the barriers around your Heart, opening your Throat wide in the full expression of your own unique Wisdom and Truth?

In this Rose and Celtic-Druidic portal of Queenship and Authority, having just stepped through Venus-Inanna-Ishtar’s 7th Gate of Ascent and crowned ourselves as both Rose and May Queen of Beltane, we are being called to stand in our full Sovereignty for the good of all.

Those of us who are strong enough, carry the responsibility of breathing through any fear and resistance, to embody all our power as Queen, and make a tangible difference to the lives of those who are still in chains or suffering.

Together, united as Queens of the Round Table, we will co-create social and environmental Sacred Service projects that make a radical, tangible difference on a global level.

If you are hearing the call and would like to join us, doors are now open to Take Your Seat at The Queens’ Round Table. Please follow this link to our website and hit the Take Your Seat button which will take you to the Membership page where you will be able to choose from two tiers of membership.

We so look forward to you joining us
Annabel Du Boulay & Holly Hamilton
Co-Founders of The Queens’ Round Table

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