At this gateway between the old solar year and the new, the past decade and the next, as this current 8 year Cycle of Venus begins to draw to a close with Inanna-Ishtar’s final ascent, I give deep gratitude for all that has come to pass.

In my book The Serpent’s Tale, my opening paragraph features the lines:

“It is tempting to join her abandon, but to remember is to transform the future. To dive deep into the shadows of the past and gather the wounded, fragmented parts of our story, is to reawaken to life.”

In these final, still, quiet days before my children return to me, I am reflecting on all that has happened in this last decade.

I have been stripped down to ashes time and again, transformed in the fires of the Black Goddess Sophia, reborn on the wings of her Phoenix to carry the wisdom of her Owl.

She has repeatedly led me beyond the furthest edge to experience the limitlessness of my Soul’s expression in the starry realms and my capabilities in the earthly one.

As I reflect, I honour that the core wisdom I share through my Rose Lineage teachings and trainings does not come from reading books and being inspired by other teachers – this is knowledge which anyone can attain.

My wisdom comes from my deeply lived and embodied experience of the Rose deities and myths, which is unique to me, as your own exquisite Soul journey is unique to you.

On the eve of Venus-Inanna-Ishtar’s Third Gate of Ascent, of Personal Power, I give deep gratitude for all the painful and frightening initiations that the Black Goddess Sophia has led me on so that I could become the Wisewoman Warrior I am today.

I began this decade embodying the Maiden Goddess Bridie. I leave it a Rose Queen in all her light and shadow aspects, with Sophia lighting my way as always and Lilith at my back. After all, they’re tattooed into my skin forever!

With my love and blessings from Avalon
Annabel Du Boulay
Rose Priestess of Sophia-Magdalene
Priestess of Avalon

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