This land. This ancient, sacred land. It fills my heart and soul. It helps me to breathe, ground, soar.

Yesterday, on International Women’s Day, on the eighth weekend of my Rose Priestess of Sophia-Magdalene Training, our circle of Sisters pilgrimaged out onto the most ancient inhabited land within the Great Lake of Avalon, where my family lived for the last six years and kept our horses.

Our ancestors have walked this land and canoed across its waters since 6000BCE, before even the first myths of the Rose Lineage were written down in Ancient Mesopotamia.

There is a timelessness here that stretches across the millennia, a silence that is heavy with memories and stories that echo through the reeds.

Watching my Sisters walking together along this ancient, winding path of life, sharing their stories, supporting one another, laughing and crying together as they connected to the land and their ancestors, I was deeply touched by the strength of Sisterhood that flows down through the millennia.

Many of us are aware of the shadow that is currently playing out in the global Sisterhood, the threads of internalised patriarchal behaviour that are still trying to ensnare us and disempower us by creating separation.

My prayer (especially for those of us who know we have been called at this time to do this shadow work for the collective) is that we may all find the strength and courage to look at the ways in which we may have internalised patriarchal behaviour, to recognise where this is coming from, to forgive ourselves and each other, AND to take responsibility for it.

We are all light and shadow. Let’s use the light of this Full Moon to illuminate what needs to be seen and healed within our individual and collective Sisterhood shadow.

For it is only then that we will truly be able to RISE together as Sisters

Blessings from this ancient land of our Avalonian ancestors
Annabel Du Boulay ?♥️?
Rose Priestess of Sophia-Magdalene
Priestess of Avalon

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