Candelora blessings of purification and freedom to run with the wolves! This extract from my novel The Serpent’s Tale explains the true meaning of Candelora and the Wolf:

“The Church chose to celebrate the purification of the Virgin Mary on the second day of February because purification rites had been held on this date in honour of the wolf goddess Lupa and wolf god Lupercus.

“But the ritual lighting of candles and fires held a very different meaning for our ancestors. Instead of celebrating the cleansing of the divine Mother following childbirth, the Festa di Lupercus served to reawaken our ancestors’ primal nature, which is at its most powerful when a woman gives birth.

“The filth that needs purging is not the blood of childbirth but the yoke of domestication. On this night, our peasant ancestors cast aside their fears and threw off their shackles of servitude. They ran with the wolves! They ran to freedom!

“The Roman Church feared our ancestors’ honouring of the wolf. Peasants with thoughts of power and freedom were not easy to control. Over time it transformed the wolf into the savage werewolf, companion to the witch, and burnt them in the fires of its Inquisition.

“But the energy of the wolf continued in the hearts of those brave enough to keep our ancient beliefs alive. Some of whom were once friends of mine.”

May your hearts be filled with the energy of Wolf this Imbolc-Candelora, and may you always remember that you are FREE. Free to begin again, to be whoever you choose and to believe in whatever your Soul desires.

Candelora Blessings from Avalon
Annabel Du Boulay ?♥️?
Rose Priestess of Sophia-Magdalene
Priestess of Avalon

The Serpent’s Tale copyright Annabel Du Boulay 2009

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