Inviting you to post a prayer request in the comments below for me to take TODAY to the Black Madonna of Montevergine, Mamma Schiavona, Serving Mother, the most important of the Seven Sisters in Southern Italy.

On this most powerful day of the Lion’s Gate Portal zenith with the Heliacal Rising of Sirius (the Dog Star appearing for the first time in the morning sky just before sunrise after its journey into the underworld) whilst Venus is at Perihelion (closest to the Sun), I will be pilgrimaging to the ancient temple site of Cybele, Black Mother Goddess of Anatolia and the Rose Lineage.

I will be sitting on the famous throne, a special rock called Seggia della Madonna where healing miracles happen, drumming and singing to Her with our pilgrimage circle.

It is the same area where my novel The Serpent’s Tale is set and this pilgrimage is acting as an energetic and material activation for my book to be made into a film, with the Black Madonna weaving synchronistic thread after thread until soon all the priestesses will have gathered together once more to tell Her story for the healing and empowerment of all women.

As we open this portal on this potent day at this most sacred of sites, I invite you to offer your prayers with me, to open to the energies of Sirius, Venus and the Sun, to allow their light, love and wisdom to crack open your hearts and lead you on your pathway back home to your magical Divine Child Self.

Today is an opportunity to focus on releasing and receiving. Visualise yourself walking through the golden gateway into a vortex of light and open to receiving all the healing, blessings, abundance and guidance from the Light and Lion Beings of Sirius, Venus and the Sun.

If you leave your requests in the comments below, I’ll take them with me to the Black Madonna of Montevergine
Blessed Be
Annabel Du Boulay ???
Priestess of Sophia-Magdalene
Priestess of Avalon

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