This Fri 19 June at 09:53 BST, the first (invisible) Venus-Moon Conjunction of this 19 month synodic period and 8 year Venus Cycle will occur, just before the Summer Solstice on Sat 20 June at 22:44 BST (Rose Lineage numerology), and the Annular Solar Eclipse (07:40 BST maximum) and New Moon (07:41 BST) on Sun 21 June.

Having tracked the Venus & Sirius cycles in relation to my Philosophia Wheel of the Year in my posts since October 2018, it has become clear how deeply their energies mirror and amplify those of the Solar, Lunar, Eclipse and Rose Lineage Cycles.

The invisibility of this first Venus-Moon Conjunction occurring in the shadows is the perfect precursor to the Summer Solstice and the annular Solar Eclipse, which will see the New Moon (usually invisible at this point as she transitions from the Dark Moon to the Crescent Moon) appear in front of the Sun, eclipsing the majority of its Solar energy, save for the outer circle known as ‘the Ring of Fire’, which is what will illuminate the Moon in the shadows.

The Summer Solstice is the point during the Solar Year where the Sun-Son God is at its highest and most powerful, before he begins to wane and die to be reborn again at the Winter Solstice, as seen in the Rose Lineage mythos of the Virgin Mother Goddess and her Son-Lover.

We therefore have the first Venus-Moon Conjunction in the SHADOWS, followed by the most powerful LIGHT of the Sun at the Summer Solstice, followed by the New Moon in the SHADOWS being revealed by the LIGHT (Ring of Fire) of the Sun-Son King, the majority of whose LIGHT will disappear into the SHADOWS.

So we are being led on a journey from the SHADOWS (our Lunar, Feminine, Anima, Unconscious Self) into the LIGHT (our Solar, Masculine, Animus, Conscious Self) by the triad of Moon, Sun and Venus, which have been tracked and worshipped by the cultures of the Rose Lineage since the Age of Taurus.

At the time of the conjunction, both Venus and the Moon will be in the constellation Taurus, whose significance for the Rose Lineage I shared about during the 5th & 6th Gates of Descent & Waning Moon-Venus Conjunctions in May and June 2019.

This 36 hours between the Venus-Moon Conjunction and the Summer Solstice therefore form an exceptionally powerful portal in which to withdraw into the shadows, into the cave of the Black Goddess Sophia, in Shadow-Self-Reflection and Prayer.

To ask your Soul, Guides and Source: what needs to be brought into the light and healed at this time? You might find it is another deeper layer of an ancient wound, most likely your core wound.

These last couple of weeks have felt particularly intense, triggering these core wounds both individually and collectively.

Personally, my core wound around the fear of death-loss, both from my own childhood experiences and from my experience of watching my disabled son repeatedly “die” and resuscitating him myself for months, has been re-triggered, prompting me to re-experience the fight-flight trauma.

You will each have your own story and wound that is coming up.

Our normal, egoic response is to not want to face this, to push it away, to try to distract ourselves or to use avoidance strategies.

But our Soul wants us to turn towards it. Turn towards your Shadow Self. Listen to what it needs to share with you at this time. You have all that you need to cope with whatever it reveals to you. Trust in yourSelf, your Soul and Source that by bringing these shadow emotions into the light, you have the opportunity to heal them and to transform your future, thereby helping to transform the future of our New Earth, because any individual work you do will be reflected in the collective.

If you’d like me to lead you on a guided journey through this process, then we invite you to join our online international circle of over 60 members in my Rose Moon Membership, who’ll be meeting live at 19:00BST on Friday 19 June.

This is the necessary period of the Preparation for the Descent before we begin our journey down the 7 Gates of Venus-Inanna-Ishtar.

Put down your burdens and lighten your load, you’ll need to be as free as possible to begin this next stage of your journey on the Path of the Spiritual Warrior.

Annabel Du Boulay♥️
?Rose Moon?Join us live or watch the recording here.

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