I don’t believe it’s a coincidence that during this deeply challenging time of death, transformation and rebirth, Venus-Inanna-Ishtar will be guiding us through the Sixth (Third Eye Chakra – currently here in Avalon) and Seventh (Crown Chakra – CORONA is Latin for Crown) Gates of Ascent before going retrograde into the wilderness like Lilith (see my previous New Moon / Lent post).

During Her/our 40 days of journeying in the desert in May-June, She/we have the opportunity to Rebirth ourselves as Queen-King into a new 8 YEAR cycle just as the effects of the Coronavirus are bringing death to the Old World but birthing a New World founded in the mutual respect, love, compassion and support that we are witnessing being shared by people globally.

Tonight is Venus-Inanna-Ishtar’s Sixth Waxing Moon Conjunction and Sixth Gate of Ascent, aligned with the Third Eye Chakra. As we step through this gateway within the New Moon portal, this is our opportunity to enter the silence of solitude and connect with our inner High Priestess archetype.

It is this part of us, like Enheduanna, High Priestess to Inanna, who retreats into silence to commune with Source, the divine, her guides and ancestors, to receive wisdom and guidance.

Through her spiritual vision and connection to Spirit, she is able to develop the trust in herself, in life, in the Divine and in her Soul’s journey, which ultimately leads to the peace that comes from acceptance and surrender.

Only when she has mastered this can she become a conduit of divine guidance, love and compassion from Source to her people.

We invite you to join us tonight live on Zoom in my Rose Moon Membership where over 40 of us have been walking this sacred Path of the Rose since 1 Jan 2019.

In response to the Coronavirus Pandemic, I have created 3 new pricing plans in order to make my monthly membership accessible to everyone. Feel free to choose whichever value feels the most appropriate to your financial situation, and email us if you can’t afford the lowest.

As High Priestess, I am here in service to support you on this journey with Venus & the Rose Lineage goddesses as our guides.

Annabel Du Boulay ?♥️?

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