It is impossible to put into words how profound our Rose Priestess Dedication Weekend was.

Our In-Person circle of 11 on my Rose Priestess of Sophia-Magdalene Training was blessed to be joined by 6 of my 12 Online students who flew in from Russia, the USA and Malta.

Rose Priestess Dedication Weekend

This was the 5th and final weekend workshop on the 1st spiral of the Priestess Training – the Path of the Gnostic Goddess – where we have journeyed deeply with Eve-Maiden-Air, Magdalene-Lover-Fire, Mary-Mother-Water, Lilith-Crone-Earth and Sophia-Wisewoman-Spirit.

On Saturday evening, we held the most stunning ceremony in The Glastonbury Gnostic Chapel, where everyone had the opportunity to dedicate as a Priestess of the Gnostic Goddess and receive an embodiment of Sophia-Magdalene from me.

I am so unbelievably proud and honoured to facilitate this circle of incredible individuals of such depth, experience, emotional intelligence, creative expression and devotion.

Deep gratitude to each and every one of you for all that you embody and shared. Your dedication ceremonies were the most beautiful I have ever had the honour to witness.

Gratitude also to Darcie for all your hard work helping me to plan and organise the weekend and ceremony, including hand-making all the beautiful certificates with your mother; to Darcie and Pamela for assisting so beautifully at the ceremony; and to everyone else who offered practical support, especially Sharlea, Alex and Emma-Rose.

I’m so looking forward to our online Dedication Ceremony tomorrow evening with my remaining 6 online students from the USA, Portugal, Australia, Mexico and Russia.

And then to our next spiral of 5 weekends – The Path of Sophia-Magdalene from Jan-May 2020, where we will journey down the cultural, mythic and spiritual timeline of the Rose Lineage from Ancient Mesopotamia, Judaism, Egypt, Graeco-Roman to the Early Christian Gnostics.

Can’t wait! Love you all!
Annabel Du Boulay?

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