Happy birthday to my beautiful Beltane babe and flower fairy Jasmine Tara ?

15 years ago, I was so desperate to give birth on Beltane, I ended up in hospital with “false” labour pains ?

I had to wait another 8 days before they finally induced me. The midwife said that nothing would happen until the morning.

10 mins later, I went into full-blown labour, my waters flooding the ante-natal ward.

In my attempt to climb into the wheelchair mid-contraction, I lunged for the gas & air canister, knocking it over and causing the ward to be evacuated in case it blew up.

In her panic to get me to the delivery room, the midwife charged off down the long corridors with me in my wheelchair, naked save for my maternity bra.

We just made it to the delivery room in time before Jasmine catapulted out of me with one contraction, 20 mins after my labour started.

The midwife barely caught her, saying to her trainee “let that be a lesson…that’s how fast it can be”. So fast that Jasmine’s face was bruised for weeks.

I sat on the edge of my bed and watched my baby all night with a smile of pure joy.

Her sister had been born 4 years earlier with a life-threatening syndrome and had been taken straight to intensive care for life-saving surgery.

I had never experienced what it was like to birth a non-disabled child. I couldn’t believe that she was healthy, that I could simply take her home and feed her.

In those hours that I sat watching her through the night, I experienced the joy that only comes when you can truly appreciate the miracle of life and health.

My Beltane babe Jasmine burst into my life that night with her warrior energy of strength and grounding; her heart full of love and compassion for others; her innate ability to see what people need and to meet those needs with kindness and humility, never seeking praise, always putting others before herself; her passion for life and hilarious sense of humour which fills our lives with so much laughter.

Fifteen years ago today, I was blessed with a baby who taught me to trust again in life, and healed my aching heart.

I love you beyond words baby girl ❤️ xxx


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