Duvet Day of Dreaming this Winter Solstice, as I recuperate from emergency surgery for peritonitis and appendicitis.

Solstice comes from ‘sol’ meaning ‘sun’ and ‘sistere’ meaning ‘to stand still’.

At this still point of the solar year, when as a working-mother I would usually be dashing around like Prancer, I find myself forced to stay in bed and rest.

Back at Samhain, in one of my Me Time exercises, I planted seeds of self-care and self-nurture. And now my body has forced me to stop and do exactly that.

It’s hard for a matriarch like me to let go. To allow myself to be vulnerable, to be looked after by my family, after nearly twenty years of looking after everyone else.

It requires me to relinquish all control, to trust and surrender to the flow at the busiest time of the year, when I would usually be organising and manifesting everything.

To simply BE instead of Do, to RECEIVE instead of GIVE.

I feel such gratitude for the gifts of the experience, which has led me on a profound journey with my Soul and the Divine in that sacred place between worlds where I have dwelt so often with my disabled children.

For it is there, in the very stillness symbolised by the Winter Solstice, that we find true peace when we surrender to our Soul’s journey.

In the back of the ambulance that night, there was a moment when I found myself in that place, and everything in my life melted away until all that was left was a sublime sense of oneness, joy, love and peace.

These are the blessings of the Winter Solstice, and I wish them for you and for all people.

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