Celebrating the Ascent of the Holy Sophia after her Descent on August 15 (the Assumption of Mother Mary) and the Nativity of Mother Mary today on 8 September – one of the most important festivals of the Black Madonna in Italy.

Readings from the Wisdom Literature have historically been used on this Feast Day of the Blessed Mother as Her imagery is based on the much older story of Descent and Ascent of Sophia, which itself is inspired by the cycles of the Moon, Venus and the myth of Inanna-Ishtar from Ancient Mesopotamia.

The Ascent of Holy Wisdom is a highly sensual and ecstatic reunion between Sophia and her Bridegroom Christ-Logos in the Bridal Chamber where they perform the Sacred Marriage and co-create a Seed of Light that illuminates the whole world.

Today, we celebrate that Sacred Marriage within us between our own Holy Wisdom and Bridegroom. And from that place of wholeness, we invite into our lives the human embodiment of this in our Earthly Lover.

This is the third in a trinity of powerful days encoded with Rose Sacred Marriage energies – with Venus in Leo and the Asteroid Magdalena still in conjunction with Her Sun King.

My womb has been pulsating since I returned home to Avalon on Thursday, ignited by the spark of the Divine Masculine, gratefully receiving the blessings and anointment of our Sacred Union.

As Queen, may you open to receiving all the blessings, devotion, adoration, honouring, protection and love from your Knight-King.

As King, may you know how deeply you are honoured, witnessed, seen, respected, needed and loved by your Queen.

May this Trinity of the Rose bless all Beings with Love and Divine Union.
Annabel Du Boulay ?♥️?
Founder of The Avalon Rose Chapel
Rose Priestess of Sophia-Magdalene

‘Maria Sophia’ by Ilene Satala

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