The Avalon Rose Chapel® Priestesses

The Avalon Rose Chapel® Priestess Training is a 10-month online training held annually from August to May, consisting of two courses  – The Path of the Gnostic Goddess & The Path of the Rose Lineage – with an optional Mary & Michael Pilgrimage to Glastonbury-Avalon and the Summerlands in June.

It is THE most comprehensive, part-academic, part-experiential training in the Avalon Rose Lineage, created and facilitated by Annabel Du Boulay, Founder of The Avalon Rose Chapel®, an Expert in the Rose, Celtic and Avalonian Lineages, Author of the witch-burnings novel The Serpent’s Tale, a Rose Priestess of Sophia-Magdalene for 30 years and a Priestess of Avalon on the Holy Isle of Avalon, Glastonbury for 22 years.

Participants take the training as part of their own path of gnosis (self-knowledge) or dedicate as an Avalon Rose Priestess with The Avalon Rose Chapel® – an IPHM accredited Training Provider.

Below you will find a Directory of some of our Avalon Rose Chapel® Priestesses with information about their own offerings inspired by their unique paths of gnosis.

Some Priestesses are also Practitioners, who are licensed to deliver The Avalon Rose Chapel® Path to Healing Course – please follow the links below their names to their Practitioner Listing on the Path to Healing Course page.

Directory of Avalon Rose Chapel® Priestesses

The following is a list of Avalon Rose Chapel® Priestesses who have all completed the IPHM Accredited Avalon Rose Chapel® Priestess Training, with links to view all the beautiful ways in which they are offering their Soul gifts in the world

Rut Abad

Avalon Rose Chapel® Priestess

Rev Laurie Sue Brockway, D.Min

Laurie Sue Brockway is an interfaith minister, Avalon Rose Chapel® Priestess, and the author of more than 25 books. She has written extensively on Goddess history and how to connect to divine wisdom through education, ritual, ceremony, prayer, and a creative spiritual practice.

Her books include: A Goddess is a Girl’s Best Friend, The Goddess Pages, Goddess Lessons, Goddess in the Mirror, Lakshmi Magic, Lakshmi Devotional, Alakshmi, Seshat Journal, She Who Scrivens, Wedding Goddess, and Soulmate Feng Shui.

She is currently a graduate student of Public History, with a focus on the Divine Feminine.

Lisa Rafaela Brughera

Lisa is a lifelong devotee of the Goddess in all Her forms. She is dedicated to supporting the resurgence of reverence and respect for the wisdom and blessing power of the Divine Feminine in alignment and balance with the healed and whole Divine Masculine in service of the health and thriving of the Earth and all beings. She is deeply committed to exploring the magic of Blessing as something that we can all offer to others and to ourselves. She is pursing a practice of refinement and expansion of her awareness and building her capacity to listen so that she may know how best to serve the highest and deepest good as she move through life. She is also exploring her capacity to connect with and learn from plant and animal beings.

Sarah Dous

Avalon Rose Chapel® Priestess & Practitioner

Carmen Edwards

Avalon Rose Chapel® Priestess & Practitioner

Donna Gerrard

Avalon Rose Chapel® Priestess & Practitioner

Darcie Kermode

Avalon Rose Chapel® Priestess & Practitioner

Rosi Lalor

Healing with Rosi

Rosi Lalor is an energy healer, a channel for Shamanic Light Language, Compassion Key practitioner, a singer-songwriter and a Priestess of The Avalon Rose Chapel®. She also teaches Reiki workshops and holds grief circles in the west Cork community and online.

Her passion is for co-creating safe sacred spaces for new earth consciousness to be birthed. Her approach to healing is multilayered and multidimensional. She is trauma informed and specialises in integrating somatic and energy healing, drawing on her own experiences of kundalini awakening process as well as healing from complex PTSD.

Lezlie Mitchell


Restoring harmony by elevating the feminine through knowledge and inspiration.

Grace Phillips

Avalon Rose Chapel® Priestess & Practitioner

Synchro Quasar

Avalon Rose Chapel® Priestess & Practitioner

Emma Treharne

Nuveya Life

Emma has been devoted to holistic wellbeing and transforming the lives of private clients and (corporate) teams, for over 27 years. She spent twelve years in a clinical setting and nine years in medical sales as Director of Sales Training and Development International. In both settings she saw incredible professionals in demanding careers with busy personal lives. They were often running on empty. Exhausted, frustrated and lacking confidence in some area of their lives. And yes, she was one of them!

This led her to create the successful programmes “Tired to Inspired”, “Being Mindful: your path to purpose, self-confidence and greater resilience” and “Mindful Leadership”. Setting up wellbeing initiatives for Wright Medical and Stryker Europe.

As a Holistic Wellness Coach, Kinesiologist, Astrologer & Mindfulness-Meditation Teacher, Emma uses compassionate listening, guidance and personal life experience to help you explore practical ways to focus on your physical, emotional and spiritual health.

Emma says “You can restore your health – nurture body, mind and soul – even if, at this very moment you feel stuck and don’t know where to start. I’ll guide you to reduce stress, regain your energy, and retrain your brain. To reconnect to yourself and your intuition. My ultimate desire is for you to live life your way…so you feel empowered to navigate life’s uncertainties with emotional balance and deep connection. To nourish yourself with practices deeply rooted in nature and personal wisdom.”

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