This photo elicits so many emotions for me. Above all, a deep, nostalgic longing to return to how it once was.

To a time when we as Wise Women, Priestesses and Healers were united in Sisterhood and honoured in all lands by our people.

A time before the patriarchy tortured, burned and killed so many of us, turning woman against woman, stripping away all our rights, our freedom, our voices, our dignity.

Forcing us to hide our power and strength, to weave our wisdom through our hands, not our voices, and in time to forget what we were once capable of and revered for.

When I look at this photo, I remember who I once was. Who my Sisters were. We are still these Queens from long ago.

And now, more than ever, we are being called to rise up in our full Sovereignty and Authority as Queens to take down the patriarchal structures that put us and our daughters in chains.

Every woman who is hearing the call now to co-create the New Earth has been preparing for this moment for life-times.

If you can feel Her stirring deep within your womb and belly, then my Sister Queen, Holly and I would love you to join us at our free, online ? Rose and Dragon ? Full Moon Beltane Queens’ ? Circle on 7 May at 19:00 BST, where we’ll be exploring how we can come together once more at The Queens’ Round Table to bring about radical, tangible change on a global level

Sign up to our Full Moon event on the QRT website.

With Beltane Blessings from Avalon ?♥️?
Annabel Du Boulay & Holly Hamilton
Co-Founders of The Queens’ Round Table

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