Such a powerful Lion’s Gate ceremony with my daughter Jasmine within the part of the Glastonbury Zodiac that’s aligned with the Milky Way and Orion’s Belt as it in turn aligns today with the Pyramids of Giza for the Lion’s Gate.

“In ancient Egypt, the stars of the Orion’s Belt were the symbol of Osiris. The belt stars are not perfectly aligned, and their alignment matches that of the three pyramids of Giza, while Orion’s orientation to the Milky Way matches the pyramids’ orientation to the river Nile. This has given rise to speculation that the three great pyramids were not just tombs, but also served as the pharaohs’ gateway to heaven.”*

The Gateway to Heaven is the Lion’s Gate to Sirius.

This evening at 08:08:08, we called in all the Sirian and Avalonian energies, and lit a candle of the Black Goddess of Notre Dame to our statue of the Black Madonna of Tindari in Sicilia, where I am returning on pilgrimage next week – the most powerful Sirian portal I have ever experienced.

In the last photo, taken from my Night Sky app tonight during our ceremony, you can see that Venus is in Orion’s Sword.

The symbols my daughter received tonight from Sirius were the Sword and the Chalice.

The true Kings (Sirius-Sword) and Queens (Venus-Chalice) are awakening.

At this Lion’s Gate, release all that has come before this moment, it is no longer part of your story.

Reawaken into your true Sovereignty as King and Queen. Take your place in the Council of the New Earth.

With blessings from the Lion’s Gate in Avalon
Annabel Du Boulay ???
Founder of The Avalon Rose Chapel

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