I saw in the Celtic New Year with a blessed day receiving Darshan from Amma. Deep gratitude to my beloved friend Lily Bhavani Aquarian’s husband Gopala who accompanied me and Zac.

Lily and Gopala have attended Amma’s ashram and tours since the first one 33 years ago, so it was such a gift to listen to his stories about Amma, Her selfless service and grace.

Gopala was so kind looking after Zac so that I could have some time in meditation in front of the stage before we went up to receive Darshan.

I love the way Amma speaks so clearly to you in meditation without needing to actually converse with her.

I have always had an issue with the word “special”. I, and my children, have sometimes been referred to as “special” and it makes me recoil as I have associated it with its literal meaning of “better, greater than”, which is not something I would ever aspire to. We are all equally special in the eyes of the Divine Mother.

And yet there is something about not accepting how “special” we are that suggests we may be shrinking and not fully embracing our power to shine our light in the world.

I heard Amma say very clearly that I should look up the meaning of the word special and embrace that I am indeed special. So I did and the noun “special” means this:

“a thing that is designed for a particular purpose.”

This I like! We are all Souls designed for a particular purpose, a sacred Soul mission, and if we can embrace ourselves spiritually as “a special” (noun) rather than the more egoic “special” (adjective), then we can rise up and shine rather than shrink from that place of “who am I to dare to believe/dream that I am…”

There is so much more to share but for now I want to give deep gratitude to the angels who blessed our day, some total strangers who touched my heart deeply.

And above all for the depth of Amma’s love, compassion and healing she gave to me and Zac. As she cradled his paralysed face in her hands, he said it went all hot and tingly, whilst I could feel my heart expanding wider and wider.

The day also magically coincided with my beautiful soul-sister-priestess Alexandra’s 40th Birthday. Such a joy to all celebrate together!

Annabel Du Boulay ?♥️?
Rose Priestess of Sophia-Magdalene
Priestess of Avalon

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