Training with Alessandra Belloni New York 2019

My daughters, Sophia and Jasmine, and I have been so blessed to spend this week in New York training with Alessandra Belloni and Francesca Corsetti in the Southern Italian sacred rhythms, chants and trance dances of the Black Madonna, founded in the ancient rites of the Black Goddesses Cybele and Artemis-Diana.

This opportunity has come during this powerful portal of the 12:12 Full Moon at 12:12 here in New York, which is woven with the Marian energies of the Wisewoman Virgin Warrior, both with Her Feast Day of the Immaculate Conception and with the Full Moon conjunct Bellatrix, the star associated with the legendary tribe of female Amazon Warriors who worshipped the many-breasted Black Goddess Artemis-Diana at Ephesus, where Mary spent the last years of her life.

This next 2 week portal is an invitation for us to focus on completing and releasing any thoughts, feelings, behaviours and memories, specifically from the last decade, that we don’t want to carry forward with us into the next decade.

And to work with the Lunar and Marian energies in order to harness that inner Wisewoman Virgin Warrior who is beholden to no-one but her own innate power and wisdom, and to set our intentions as to what we want her to manifest in this coming decade.

These ancient rhythms, chants and dances of the Black Goddess are such powerful ways in which to heal our shadow wounding and embody that Virgin Warrior within each of us.

With deep gratitude and Full Moon blessings from New York
Annabel Du Boulay
Rose Priestess of Sophia-Magdalene
Priestess of Avalon

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