As we take down our Christmas decorations this evening of Twelfth Night, I give thanks for all the special memories created with loved ones, the fun games played, the delicious food eaten, the carols sung, the prayers made, the healing hugs, the wishes sent from distant friends, the snowy woodland, the tender care my children gave me after surgery, the belly laughs of joy, the tears for loved ones no longer with us, the bonds of family that ebb and flow, the miracle of magic through a child’s eye, the generous gifts, the days to dream a while, the silent space as the Wheel turns, the brightness of the Winter Solstice sun, the light of the new dawn, the death and the rebirth, the release and the reawakening.

For all of this, and so much more, I give thanks for another twelve days of Christmas-Yuletide.

And now to bless our house, as is the tradition of Twelfth Night, and to call in our new home.

With my blessings to your home and all who dwell within

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