Six months to the day since my Rose Moon Membership Online Circle began our profound journey of descent and ascent on 01.01.19, aligned astronomically, astrologically and mythologically with the Venus-Moon Cycle of the Rose Lineage, we have arrived at the threshold of Inanna-Ishtar’s Gate 7, the Gate of Manifestation.

Tonight, we meet once more in our online Rose Moon Grove to metaphorically surrender our Breechcloth to the Gatekeeper, symbolising all the wounds and fears that may be blocking the energy flow of our Base Chakra.

We are not yet in the Underworld or the Cave of the Black Goddess. That most final of descents occurs several days after this initial period of naked vulnerability.

Once we step through this final Gate 7, we find ourselves in a portal (amplified energetically by the New Moon – Solar Eclipse tomorrow) where we can do nothing but wait like The Hanged Man in full TRUST and SURRENDER.

As we remove our final mask, tear down our last defence, and dare to look in the mirror with no blinding lights, no stifling validation, no deceptive reflection but our own TRUTH, who do we meet?

Who are we when we are no-thing? When we can see no-thing? When no-thing can see us?

The next few days is the most potent portal of the year in relation to the Venus-Moon Cycle and the Rose Lineage to let go of all pretence of control, to withdraw into that still, quiet place deep within you and to LISTEN until your voices quieten and you can HEAR Source.

Then you will know and you will understand who you in essence are, who you are in relation to Source as you experience it, and why your Soul has chosen to be here now.

Who are you in your raw, naked, beautiful, vulnerable, powerful SELF?

You are LOVE ♥️ and you are LOVED ♥️


You are FREE ???

Rose blessings from the 7th Gate Threshold
Annabel Du Boulay ?♥️?
Priestess of Sophia-Magdalene & Avalon

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