Today, Venus enters Gemini for a whopping 18 WEEKS due to the fact she will station retrograde on 13 May for 6 weeks, station direct again on 25 June, before finally leaving Gemini and moving into Cancer on 7 August.

Our journey with the Sacred Marriage of our Hearts (Venus) and Minds (Gemini) begins today with a 6 week journey into the expression of our thoughts and feelings through our written and spoken words.

Although current global events might not feel conducive to the usual fun, flirty energies of Venus in Gemini, we have been witnessing an explosion of online communication and offerings in response to the Coronavirus Pandemic, which will only intensify with this transit.

Make the most of this following 6 weeks to share the gift of your thoughts and feelings with your loved ones or the world through your online presence, before Venus stations retrograde and forces us to look at these exact same qualities, but in their shadow aspect.

In every dark, frightening, challenging experience, Sophia, Black Goddess of Wisdom in the Rose Lineage, guided by the Rose Celestial Path of Venus, shines Her illuminating light to help us to recognise the gifts that we have the power to harness from the experience and share with the world.

One of the gifts that is coming from this pandemic is how powerfully it has catalysed people into communicating (Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the Planet of Communication) from their heart (Venus is the Planet of Love), be it with their neighbours, loved ones or a global audience through finding the motivation and courage to share their light more visibly.

If you can, keep sharing, keep shining, but if you’re feeling in a dark place right now, then I’m sending you so much love, light and prayers from Avalon. You are so deeply loved and appreciated.

Annabel Du Boulay ?♥️?
Founder Glastonbury Gnostic Centre & Rose Chapel
Rose Priestess of Sophia-Magdalene
Priestess of Avalon

To journey more deeply with the Venus-Lunar Cycle as She rebirths herself/us into a new 8 Year Cycle in June, I invite you to join my Rose Moon Monthly Membership with 3 new payment plans to suit your financial situation during the pandemic.

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