At the magical 7:33 this morning here in Southern Italy, Venus reached Superior Solar Conjunction, passing on the opposite side of the Sun from Earth, before being reborn as the Evening Star and beginning her slow ascent back from the depths of the underworld.

My Rose Moon Membership Grove has been travelling together on this profound journey of descent and ascent, aligned mythologically, astrologically and astronomically with the Rose Lineage and Venus-Lunar Cycle, since the first Waning Moon Conjunction on 1 January 2019.

Today, we reached the deepest, darkest point of the Sumerian Queen of Heaven Inanna’s descent to meet with her sister Ereshkigal, Dark Queen of the Underworld, the embodiment of Her Shadow Self.

I was so blessed to spend those last few hours in the dark, warm, salt waters of the Womb-Tomb of the Black Goddess at the ancient Sicilian site of the Black Madonna of Tindari, whose statue was found in a cave there beside the ancient Temple of Ceres-Demeter.

At this point of Conjunction between Venus and the Sun, they create the Sacred Marriage within the darkest point of the Underworld.

Symbolically, this is the Sacred Marriage between your Soul and your Shadow Self.

For it is only when we not only face our Shadow, but when we can forgive and love it back into wholeness with our Soul, that we are able to begin the journey of rebirth back to our Divine Child Self.

Take some time today to sink into the stillness. Put down your burdens, any guilt, shame, anxiety, pain, grief, resentment, anger, fear you may be carrying.

Visualise yourself kneeling in the warm, dark amniotic waters of the Black Mother. Place one hand on your Heart Chakra and one over your Base-Sacral Chakras.

Chant the words “Nigra Sum Sed Formosa” over and over whilst you release the weight of your burdens into Her underworld waters.

Then visualise Her filling your Womb Space with the healing light of Her Full Moon.

Repeat the mantra:
I am light and I am love
I choose freedom up above.

Annabel ?♥️?

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