The Moon Sextile Venus aspect at 12:18 BST today builds on the Moon Trine Venus energies from last Thursday and opens the gateway for this Thursday’s New Moon in Taurus, ruled by Venus, and Sunday’s 7th Waxing Moon Venus Conjunction and Inanna-Ishtar’s 7th Gate of Ascent in the Rose Lineage.

This will be the final Gateway we walk through in this current 19-month journey since we stepped through the First Gate of Descent in my Rose Moon Membership on 1 January 2019, and the final Gateway of this current 8 year Cycle of Venus before She and we rebirth ourselves as QUEEN in June.

The Sextile aspect encourages us to consciously engage in the combined energies of the Moon (rules over our emotions, family and home) and Venus (rules over love, beauty, relationships and abundance). They are energetically supportive of one another, like with a Trine, but we need to harness their energies and take positive action rather than just sit back and receive.

So, today would be a great day to create or seize any opportunities to deepen your relationships with your family, friends and lovers through the honest expression of your feelings.

One of the gifts of living with a life-threatening situation, as my family learned, is that we become far more aware of the transiency of life, of the need to appreciate those we love, to savour every moment with them and to tell them how much we love them, because we never know when they will be gone.

We also learn how fleeting and precious life can be, to make the most of every moment, to not allow fear to stop us from taking risks and daring to welcome love into our lives by expressing how we feel.

As with last Thursday’s Trine, today’s Sextile makes it another perfect day for a new romance, even if it has to be online whilst in lockdown.

As the lives of those of us in lockdown are forced to slow-down, let’s take some time to deeply love and appreciate everyone from our family, friends and lovers to all the health professionals & key-workers, to every Being in the world, praying especially for those who are suffering.

Beaming Venus Lunar love from Avalon
Annabel Du Boulay ?♥️?

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