The Lion Heart King and the High Priestess Queen. The 3rd Waning Moon Venus Conjunction occurs at 23:55 GMT on 13 Oct, the Day of the Martyrdom of the Holy Templar Knights (the protectors of the Holy Grail Bloodline of Magdalene and Yeshua), creating a Sacred Trinity with Regulus, the Heart of the Lion King Fixed Star in the Constellation Leo.

The Venus Regulus conjunction was exact on 3 Oct at 00:00 GMT, which won’t happen again for another 8 years, but the Moon, Venus & Regulus will all be visible together before dawn in the Eastern sky from 12-15 Oct.

I am completely blown away by the level of synchronicities and energetic weaving on both a personal and collective level.

The Sun Regulus conjunction occurred on 23 Aug when I was staying in the Province of Messina, Sicily, where I was working deeply with Regulus and the White Lions of Sirius.

Another name for Regulus is Cor Leonis, the Lion Heart, the same name given to Richard the Lionheart (King of England 1189-1199) who captured Messina on 4 Oct 1190 and turned it into his base from which to conduct the Third Crusade (1189-1192) to reconquer the Holy Land following the capture of Jerusalem by the Sultan Saladin.

Messina was also the most important stronghold of the Knights Templar in Sicily as it was a major stopover for crusaders & pilgrims en route to the Holy Land.

In 1191, Richard the Lionheart then conquered Cyprus, the Island of Aphrodite-Venus, and gave it to the Grand Master of the Knights Templar, Robert de Sable, who then sold it to Guy de Lusignan, King of Jerusalem.

Fast forward to Friday 13 Oct 1307 when King Philip IV ordered the Knights Templar to be arrested on the charge of heresy, tortured and killed, ostensibly to seize their lands and wealth.

Some of the survivors returned to Portugal (‘Portug-r-al’ = ‘Through you, the Graal’), some to Scotland where Robert the Bruce gave them refuge, and where Rosslyn Chapel was later built in their honour by their descendent William St Clair.

On 21 Sept 1450, the sun rose due east of Rosslyn Chapel, marking the Autumnal Equinox, when the Chapel was formally dedicated. The week following this year’s Autumn Equinox and Their Sacred Marriage for this 2160 year cycle forms the blueprint for our individual and collective Sacred Marriage of the healthy, courageous, noble King who leads from the Heart with his High Priestess Virgin (Virgo) Queen, who is a later incarnation of the Rose Lineage Queen Inanna-Ishtar, the embodiment of Venus.

I believe this Venus Moon Conjunction with Regulus, occurring on the Day of the Martyrdom of the Holy Templar Knights, is opening an energetic gateway for us to not only unite our inner noble King and priestess Queen, but for Twin Flame Kings and Queens to come together in order to co-create the New Earth through their Union founded in the true teachings of the Rose Lineage, of Magdalene and Yeshua and of the Holy Grail, which the Knights Templar were sworn to protect.

The fact that this conjunction is the Third Gate of Descent, the Gate of Communication, related to the Throat Chakra, emphasises our need to share these true teachings, to express our love through our Sacred Union, to raise our voices against the patriarchy that sought to destroy the Grail and on behalf of the vulnerable it still controls.

On this Venus Moon Conjunction, open your heart and invite in your Beloved. Your Souls have contracted long ago to come together at this time on Earth. The time of the Sacred Marriage of the Lion Heart King and the High Priestess Queen is now. You both carry the codes of the Rose Lineage deep in your hearts. Together, your love and devotion will illuminate a path for others to walk down. Together, you will co-create ways to love and heal the Earth and All Beings. Together, you have the power to change the world. It is your destiny. It is all of our destiny.

With Venus Moon blessings from Avalon
Annabel Du Boulay ?♥️?
Founder of The Avalon Rose Chapel
Rose Priestess of Sophia-Magdalene

To work with these energies and walk through the Third Gate of Descent in the Venus Cycle with us, please join my Rose Moon membership.

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