This quote from Amma reminds me of when I was 19 years old studying at University and experiencing a common existential crisis.

As I was philosophising with my friend, I asked “What is the point of Life? What is it all for?”

A flamboyantly dressed student who resembled a young Oscar Wilde was passing by and overheard me.

He turned back and said quite simply:

“Find beauty, and where it does not exist, create beauty.”

I have never forgotten that moment nor that simple wisdom shared by a stranger. The line is spoken in my novel The Serpent’s Tale by the hero’s grandfather, the embodiment of my own grandfather.

I have tried (and often failed!) to live by this and yesterday I vowed to keep trying even harder after another inspirational day in Amma’s presence, receiving Her Darshan which cracked open my heart even more.

“Do your work and perform your duties with all your heart. Try to work selflessly with love. Pour yourself into whatever you do. Then you will feel and experience beauty and love in every field of work. Love and beauty are within you. Try to express them through your actions and you will definitely touch the very source of bliss.”

Blessed be to Amma, the embodiment of the Divine Mother
Blessed be to all who engage in selfless service
Annabel Du Boulay?♥️?
Priestess of Sophia-Magdalene
Priestess of Avalon

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