This morning, I thought about when I feel the most free, and it’s when I go on an adventure.

Especially an impromptu one with the smallest amount of planning, trusting in my Soul and Spirit to take me where I need to go. And especially with my children.

So I called to them from my bedroom “we’re going on an adventure…pack your bags”, before searching for a last minute B&B booking in Devon or Cornwall.

Two hours after asking myself the question, “when do I feel the most free?”, we set off.

When we were about 10mins from our B&B room in a farmhouse with a view of the ocean, I heard my inner guide say “turn right” so I hit the brakes and turned down a narrow lane with no idea where we were heading.

A few miles down the lane, we came to the most stunning, pebble beach with wild, winter waves pounding the shore, and wind like a hurricane, as my disabled son described.

Annabel Du Boulay Imbolc Welcome Mouth

He was absolutely terrified by the roaring waves and wind which was strong enough to knock him off his feet, but we managed to persuade him to walk down the steep, cliff path onto the beach.

There he sat on the rocks, adjusting to the warmth and quiet in his sheltered spot, whilst his sisters ran down to the sea.

Eventually, he found the courage to run down to the shore with them, collecting sea foam, before bringing it back to me and shouting “Mama, I faced my nightmare! I faced the ocean!”

Annabel Du Boulay The Du Boulay Tribe Imbolc Welcome Mouth

He then joined his sisters rock-climbing for the first time – this photo shows how he felt – a warrior on top of the world.

Annabel Du Boulay Zac From Terror To Triumph

By the time we left the beach, he said he thought it was wonderful and we should come back as soon as possible.

He had gone from terror to triumph, overwhelmed and ultimately inspired by the elements & Mother Nature.

It was a reminder to me of how powerful and life-changing it can be to dare to tread outside our comfort zone, to take a risk, to go on an adventure, to trust our intuition and to face our fears.

In gratitude for another happy memory created with the Du Boulay tribe


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