Priestess of Tyndaris. Rediscovering my roots in this ancient, sacred land where the teachings of the Black African Earth Mother Goddess were first brought and evolved into the Rose Lineage tradition of the Black Madonna.

Last night, I was blessed to have some moments alone in the ruins of the Greco-Romano city of Tyndaris, where the original Sanctuary of Demeter-Ceres lies beneath the new Sanctuary to the Black Madonna of Tindari.

After watching a stunning performance of the Greek myths associated with Tyndaris within the original Greek theatre, I became separated from everyone and found myself alone in the ruins, aware of the spirits of the lions that walked beside me, of the Priestesses and Queens of Old whispering to me as I lay my body upon their altar and slipped through the timelines to when I once lived here.

Those of us who have contracted to be here at this time of deconstruction of the old, patriarchal structures and the co-creation of the New Earth are being called back to our Soul’s home.

We all have many places from many life-times that feel like our Soul’s home, but at this moment in this life-time, we are being led to where we need to be in order to fulfil our Soul contract.

There are strategic points throughout Gaia, like the meridian points in our bodies, that are calling us home to work deeply with the energies and spirits of the land, the earth, the trees, the springs, the bees and animals.

Much of our work is energetic and unseen. Sometimes, by necessity, it must bubble up to the surface like the sacred spring to quench the thirst of pilgrims with the wisdom carried from the depths of the Underground Stream, but for the most part, our work is solitary in communion with Source and the Spirits of the Land we are being called home to.

My Soul’s home is here in Sicilia. I am in Love with Life when I am here. Where’s yours?

With my love and blessings from Tyndaris
Annabel Du Boulay???
Founder The Avalon Rose Chapel

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