Such a blessed day with my Sister-Queen, Nicola, on the sacred Isle of Avalon, feeling into what makes a Queen. Who is She?

She is a woman who has walked through fire many times, both in this lifetime, and in all her previous life-times.

You can recognise it in the depths of her eyes, in the way she carries her body with the strength of not just a survivor, but of someone who has grown immeasurably through the challenges she has endured.

For wisdom does not come from reading books or copying other teachers. It comes from direct, lived, embodied experience.

Who is a queen 2 Annabel Du Boulay

On her path to becoming a Queen and Spiritual Teacher, she does not go seeking out a certain Deity or Guide. She is dragged kicking and screaming by them through fires of destruction and rebirth before she even consciously knows who they are.

Only then is she worthy and capable of transmitting their teachings from her own unique Path of Gnosis with them.

She lives her life in service to her people and the land, no matter what it takes.

A Sister-Queen is a woman who recognises and honours the same qualities in you that exist in her. She respects your professional and personal boundaries, especially in relation to your beloved, and seeks only to lift you up from a place of love and respect.

She is the woman you can trust on the battlefield of life to not only have your back, but those of your children.

There is an honesty in her eyes and actions, a sense of humility born from being ground into dust, an awareness of her own shadow places which enables her to walk beside and with you from a place of integrity.

Not every woman is a Queen. You have to grow into this role through your sweat, blood and love before you earn the right to call yourself a Sister-Queen.

With love and blessings from Avalon ?♥️?
Annabel Du Boulay & Nicola Amadora
?Sister Rose Queens?

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