She’s a survivor. She wears the scars from all the battles she’s fought with pride.

Battles to be seen, heard, respected and honoured in fields where Shield-maidens are unwelcome.

Battles to defy expectations forced upon her, speak her truth, be herself, walk her path, face rejection and ridicule.

Battles to keep surviving, birthing and providing, creating and sustaining.

Battles she waged on behalf of others, a voice for those too weak to cry, a shoulder for those whose tears won’t dry.

Battles to have the things she most desired, and the grief she felt for those battles she lost.

A Wisewoman-Warrior is not a perfected image of idealised womanhood – she is covered in scars, dirt and blood.

She still smells of fear – she’s just learned how to keep fighting through it.

She still falls down everyday – she just picks herself up, takes responsibility, forgives (herself and others) and tries again.

She still feels all the same shadow emotions – the rage, the sorrow, the jealousy, the bitterness, the hatred and the envy – but now she knows how to work with her wounding, to heal herself and others.

A Wisewoman-Warrior stands proudly on the battle field, her armour torn, her wounds bleeding, her scars weaving their way across the beauty of her Soul.

A Wisewoman-Warrior is a survivor. She wears the scars from all the battles she’s fought with pride.

Blessed be to all the Wisewomen Warriors

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