Full moon blessings of the Worm Moon – the moon of March, so called because it marks the first day of Spring when the worms are said to appear.

Writing this during a snow storm, I suspect the worms are buried deep within Mother Earth keeping warm (in fact, some burrow to depths of six feet or more below the frost line ?).

Anyhow, this Moon is hanging out favourably with Saturn, the guy who demands that we put our life in order…he’s been in my chart for the last couple of years, during which time I’ve had to organise half a lifetime of creative chaos.

With the full moon also falling in the practical sign of Virgo, the next few days are a good time to look at what needs sorting out and clearing in our lives.

With the schools shut due to the snow (the UK can’t cope with a single snowflake ☃️?), I spent this morning sorting out my personal finances and this afternoon painting the kitchen.

Dull jobs that my Creative Self procrastinates about doing because they don’t seem fun or inspiring, but I must admit that once I’ve done them, I do feel a deep sense of satisfaction and shift in energy.

Saturn also challenges us to look at our shadow behaviours and to dig deep for some self-discipline – something I struggle with, especially when it comes to chocolate ?.

So this full moon is the perfect time for getting to grips with those self-sabotaging parts of us, especially archetypes such as The Addict, and starting a detox, body and soul.

Looks like I’ll be attempting to give up sugar again…what are you going to focus on?


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