When life is dark and challenging, when we are frightened and in pain, it is easy to feel alone and abandoned.

But we are never alone. Each of us has an angel that watches over us always, protecting and comforting us.

When my disabled son was born and fighting for his life in intensive care, our family became aware of an angelic presence all around us.

We lived near Burrow Mump, an ancient mound rising up out of the Somerset Levels, dedicated to Archangel Michael, whose energies in the earth flow there from Glastonbury Tor.

My son spent five months living in St Michael’s Neonatal Hospital, whilst we lived in the Ronald McDonald House on St Michael’s Hill next to St Michael’s Church.

Every day, a robin, the symbol of Archangel Michael, would come and sit with us in the gardens of the hospital.

Friends would see a vast angelic presence surrounding us when they prayed for us.

Ever since that time, we have felt Archangel Michael with us. And however frightening and painful our journey has been, we have drawn so much comfort from knowing he is with us, enfolding us in his wings of love, healing and protection.

May the love and blessings of the angels be with you always

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