Today, on Mother’s Night, Yuletide begins with the celebration of the Divine Mother’s act of giving birth to the Sun and the new Sun King.

This year, the conjunction of Venus with Antares also synchronistically falls on this day.

Antares is one of the Royal Fixed Stars, which shines ruby red in the heart of the scorpion in the constellation of Scorpio.

It’s associated with Archangel Uriel, the Watcher of the West, one of the Rose Lineage guides who guard The Twelve Pearl Gates we will be walking through from 25 Dec to 5 Jan during these 12 Days of Yuletide-Christmas.

Archangel Uriel is known as the ‘Light of God’ and is creating a Sacred Marriage with Venus as the ‘Light of Goddess’ at this threshold of the 12 Holy Days, through which we will give birth to our own Divine Child Self once more.

Antares-Uriel and Venus, as the embodiment of the two pillars of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine Light, are thus forming the Gateway of Divine Union through which we will walk before starting our ascent up the Staircase of Light to The Twelve Pearl Gates.

If you would like to join me on this profound immersion to receive guidance from our 12 Rose Lineage guides for the 12 astrological months of this coming Solar Year, please purchase your ticket here before Mother’s Night draws to a close tonight.

The Twelve Pearl Gates open tomorrow on 25 Dec, the Day of the Nativity of the Invincible Sun, and all the online material will be available until 31 Jan 2021.

With deepest of Mother’s Night blessings from Avalon
Annabel Du Boulay
Founder of The Avalon Rose Chapel
Rose Priestess of Avalon
Uriel in the ‘Virgin of the Rocks’ (Louvre version) by Leonardo da Vinci 1483–1486

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