I am so incredibly proud to announce that my disabled son Zac has won joint FIRST place out of over 600 entries globally for his speech in the ‘Inspire Like Churchill’ competition run by the International Churchill Society, which has donated his $5000 prize money to his nominated charitable organisation Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity, who have looked after both him and his sister, and where he had a 10 hour pioneering operation in January 2019 to give his paralysed face a smile.

Some of you may know that Zac was born with a rare, life-threatening condition called Moebius Syndrome, involving facial and oral paralysis, which rendered him unable to breathe, eat, speak or smile, but through his immense courage and determination, Zac has taught himself how to eat orally and to speak, so it is even more of a miracle that he has won an international speech competition.

We have helped Zac to set up a fundraising page to try to raise even more funds for GOSH Charity. If you visit this JustGiving page, you will be able to watch the video of his speech, or read the transcript, and make a donation.

“The need for the charity to support the hospital in delivering the very best in life-changing care to children with rare and complex conditions hasn’t changed because of the COVID-19 crisis or as we move beyond – the work is more important than ever to ensure there is no longer term impact on the care the hospital can deliver to seriously ill children, once the crisis is over.

“Like other charities, GOSH Charity is facing disruption to its fundraising activities with money cancelled due to the ongoing crisis. Any support you can give will help to ensure the needs of the hospital continue to be met through this crisis and beyond, especially as those needs may change with time. Please donate to help us battle this crisis.” (GOSH Charity)

Zac would be so grateful for any support you can give his campaign, however great or small.

Please feel free to share so Zac can raise as much money as possible for GOSH Charity.

With our love and gratitude
Annabel & Zac Du Boulay ?♥️?

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