On this last Full Moon of 2020, I’d like to share a transmission from my Son’s Sirian Soul as a King of Avalon during the Great Conjunction.

Note the powerful numerology of this Full Moon occurring on 30/12 @ 03:30 GMT – 4 x 3 = 12 – Four (the Tarot Emperor-King) times the Trinity of the Sacred Marriage that births the Divine Son-Sun King, creating the Sacred 12 during the 12 Holy Days and our 12 Pearl Gates immersion.

On the Winter Solstice, I lay down in front of my altar to meditate during the Great Conjunction, only for my son Zac to appear.

I have learnt over the last 21 years of mothering to not resist, to not hold on tightly to any preconceived idea about how anything “should” be but to surrender to what is and needs to unfold.

So I invited him to join me and he curled up with me on my sheepskin under the blanket.

I have also learnt to listen patiently as he tries to express himself with words he was told he would never be able to create from his paralysed lips and tongue.

It requires not only patience, but a flight from this reality in order to follow his ancient Sirian Soul’s “autistic” mind as it wanders through dimensions and timelines.

He quickly travelled back into his past life when he was a King of Avalon and told me that his body from that life-time was buried with King Arthur’s.

That their army had fought a great battle against the men who were sent by “the people who wanted to kill women like you.”

His army had been defeated and slaughtered in that battle, the souls of the Kings left sleeping in the graveyard of the battlefield.

As we lay there in the dark, our Third Eyes pressed together, we dropped silently into a deep journey.

When Zac eventually came to with a start, he described what had happened.

He had returned to that past-life and resurrected King Arthur and his Knights from their graves. They had fought another battle against the same army, but this time they had defeated them.

“But, Mama, I didn’t just bring back the Kings and Knights of Avalon, I brought back the Madonna and Morgana, because when they killed us, they killed them too. And then all the buildings also came back.”

“Which buildings, Zac?”

“The Church, Mama.”

“Which Church, Zac?”

“The Church of Magdalene. Not the Chapel you had where you prayed, but the Church of Magdalene in the field behind. And the Castle. They’re back now.”

“We’re all back now. And all the Gods and Goddesses are behind us. We have a whole army at our back.”

And, with that, Zac said he was tired and left to rest. Other than knowing that I owned a Chapel in Glastonbury and that I pray to the Madonna and Magdalene, Zac doesn’t consciously know any of the other details – the battle, the “enemy”, who they wanted to kill, Morgana, the original Church dedicated to Magdalene – this was all channelled by his Soul.

So that was my experience of the Great Conjunction – creating the sacred container for the Sirian Soul of my son to journey back in time to awaken the sleeping Kings of Avalon, to fight with them to defeat the patriarchs, to right the wrongs, and to restore the true “Church” of Magdalene and Yeshua, the Sacred Marriage of the Holy Bride and Bridegroom, in Avalon.

Blessed be to the Restoration of the Rose, of the Blood, of the New Jerusalem.

Blessed be to the Return to Innocence, to the Garden of Eden, to the New Earth.

Blessed be to the Children, to the Divine Child, to the Sun King reborn.

On this last 2020 Full Moon in Cancer, the House of the Mother, Home and Family, may you return to your Original Essence, to your Divine Magical Child in your own private Garden of Eden.

May you come home to the full Restoration of your Soul in all its unique Beauty, Grace and Power.

With all my love and blessings from Avalon
Annabel Du Boulay
Founder of The Avalon Rose Chapel
Rose Priestess of Avalon

Icon of the Madonna and Child painted by me for my son Zac over Easter weekend 2014 in the Royal Magdalene Almshouses on the Isle of Avalon, in a style inspired by icons of St Catherine’s Monastery, Mount Sinai – my Soul’s home. All Rights Reserved.

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